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Both your bathroom as well as your kitchen are very unique rooms in your house. The kitchen is usually considered to be the focal point and heart of your home, where as the bathroom is typically the most neglected and used room. Throughout the years, in a world that keeps getting busier and busier, these two rooms are often neglected and become outdated. Your bathroom needs to provide you with serenity and relaxation; where as your kitchen needs modern and elegant. If either one of these rooms isn’t delivering its greatest potential, Boca Kitchens will help design, remodel and renovate these rooms!


Both a bathroom remodel, and especially a kitchen remodel, can bring an increased value to your home in a short period of time. Remodels also will refresh these spaces, add calm to your life, and put storage issues in the past. With any remodel, it's smart to start with a budget. With this in mind, we will be able to facilitate what you would like within your means. You should also take plenty of pictures and measurements when you come in, this way our incredible design team will be able to fully realize your vision.


  • Free Showroom Estimates – With measurements and pictures of your current bathroom/kitchen, our designers can help with design options while staying in budget
  • Designs – Our designers will draw up plans for your new bathroom/kitchen to help you envision the full potential of the room.
  • Selecting The Right Materials – Our showroom can make the design process much easier, because you will be able to see how different materials look in person rather than relying on photos and texture samples.
  • Gathering Applicable Permits – Once plans are made and in-house designs are drawn completed, our team will procure permits through the city or county to ensure that all upgrades are up to code.
  • Completing Construction– Finally, we will begin construction with our team of trusted and experienced contractors, which includes electrical and plumbing specialists to allow us to handle every aspect of construction.

  • If you are ready to refresh your Boca Raton home with a comforting and relaxing bathroom, or a modern and elegant kitchen that reflects your personality; call Boca Kitchens & Floors at (561) 620-6200. You can also speak to us directly in person by visiting our 7,000 square foot showroom in Boca Raton.

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